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Marlon Harvey,

 Massage Practitioner

(647) 297-9938

  Marlon works wonders with his hands. His touch can be light and soothing yet strong and thorough. Marlon’s massage style includes a range of light to deep pressure, myofascial cupping, hot stones, aromatherapy and heat therapy.

Marlon’s interest in massage developed organically over time. As an athlete early in his life he experienced first hand massage’s ability to speed healing and increase overall performance. His interest in health and healing also lead to an interest in nutrition and the important role the mind plays in healing the body.

After years of learning from and working with RMT’s and bodyworkers he went on get certifications as a Myofascial Cupping and Hot Stone practitioner.  He has now developed his own practice as a bodyworker and joined forces with RMT Angela da Silva to offer Toronto’s only Tandem or 4-Hand Massage -an exclusive, specialized massage treatment like no other.  

When not treating, Marlon loves to be creative and enjoys art, building and cooking.

Vaccination Status:  Not fully vaccinated. No booster.

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