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Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

Our deep tissue and targeted sports massage treatments are more aggressive and focused clinical treatment.

The focus here is target specific tight, tense muscles and the trigger points or knots that are causing or contributing to the patient's pain or dysfunction. It is ideal for people and points that don't release easily with light to medium pressure.

Deep myofascial releases, as well as ischemic compressions or trigger point therapy, are often integrated along with deep kneading techniques. Neuromuscular facilitation may also be included.

All of these specialized techniques have been shown to help a variety of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction and are especially sought after by athletes -both professional and recreational.

Treatment includes:

Deep Swedish Massage Techniques

Deep My Ofascial Release

Ischemic Compressions (trigger point therapy)

Passive & Active Stretching

Neuromuscular facilitation

Joint Mobilizations 

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