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What to Expect from Your Massage Therapy Appointment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, the best thing to do is to contact your massage therapist directly.  Want to find the vaccination status of your therapist?  Click on their profile here.

Before you arrive for a massage therapy appointment:

You will be virtually screened for your risk of COVID-19. This will be an online survey you must complete before your appointment.

You will notice that there is more time between available appointments. This is because the RMT needs more time between patients to complete all cleaning and disinfecting procedures. 

When you arrive

The Center is open only to those with appointments. The doors kept locked to reduce the number of people entering the building for your safety and ours. Your therapist will meet you at the entrance at your appointment time.  If you arrive early we ask that you wait in your vehicle or outside the center.

When you arrive at your massage therapy appointment you will:

Have the option to wear a disposable or reusable mask and to request that your therapist wear one if they are not already doing so.  Masks are no longer required but are used upon the discretion of therapists and patients.

During your appointment

While the treatment will remain as normal as possible, there will be a couple of changes.

The treatment room will continue have a medical grade air purifier actively disinfecting the air in the room at all times.

The window will also be kept open or cracked for added ventilation.

Behind the scenes

There are a lot of things that RMTs will be doing behind the scenes to keep their patients safe.  This includes:

Changing linens, blankets and pillows between patients which will be washed and dried on the highest heat setting possible.

Cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces (e.g. light switches, door knobs, counter tops, etc.) at least twice per day.

Disinfecting the treatment room and all of its equipment between patients. This includes but is not limited to the massage table, stool, oil bottle and face cradle. Any face cradle cover is changed after each patient.

After the appointment

After your appointment and as you go to pay and leave the clinic, things might be a little different as well.

If you’ve gotten paper receipts in the past, this will no longer be an option.  All our therapists have gone paperless to discourage touching any shared surfaces. This would include digital options for all necessary paperwork and forms.

Your RMT will offer non contact forms of payment when possible, e.g. tapping a debit or credit card or charging a credit card on file credit.

After the appointment your RMT will wash their hands (including forearms and elbows) with soap and water before and after disinfecting. They will then clean and disinfect anything used during the appointment.

While you are not receiving massage therapy treatment, you should maintain a 2 meter distance from your RMT.

Although the treatment environment and the procedures you are expected to follow might be a little different, what remains the same is RMTs’ commitment to the health and safety of their patients. During this unprecedented time, RMTs are working hard to ensure they can provide you with the health care you need as safely as possible.

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